Too Much TV

There’s nothing like coming home from vacation and trying to catch up with your shows to introduce some clarity into habits.

I was delighted to get caught up on The Good Fight, The 100, and The Magicians. (I’d bought Season 3 of The Magicians to watch a few on the flight back and ended up watching the entire season on my travel day and my first day back).

I’m also now up-to-date on The Flash, the most recent episode of which prompted me to think of how much The Thinker reminded me of a current icon of misogyny. I’m looking forward to his comeuppance.

There were two episodes of Arrow waiting for me. I almost stopped watching episode 19, which was dedicated to showing exactly how bad the bad guy was. The episode was a bit different for the show: Oliver appears in one brief scene, and Green Arrow does not appear at all. I don’t mind the change in focus (it worked brilliantly when Person of Interest introduced Shaw: Finch and Reese appeared only briefly at the end), but the villain Diaz has already been shown to be ruthless. Even more extreme villainy did not increase the stakes for the good guys. It was just cruelty for cruelty’s sake. I’d already been tempted to walk away after the cruel death of Black Canary’s ex. That scene was meant to push her to embrace more extreme methods, but it didn’t seem necessary: she was part-way there. Anyway, I really don’t care any more. I’m clearly following to many TV shows (I still need to catch up on three or four other shows), so I’m happy to skip the rest of the season and wait to see what the new Arrow showrunner does next year.