Fringe 2018: Flute Loops


This show blew my mind!

I went into Flute Loops with few expectations. I knew it had something to do with physics and music, but my expectations did not determine the outcome: Flute Loops  turned out to be much, much greater.

Writer/director/performer Devon More creates a full Fringe experience. When you walk into the auditorium, you’re greeted with the pre-show sounds of the greatest hits of flute rock (hello, Jethro Tull). You see a stage set up for a band. The band’s merchandise table is off to the side, and there’s a woman there, busily organizing things, making lists, and doing whatever people staffing a merch table need to do.

The band is late. The woman updates us, then goes back to her busywork. They’re still not here. She looks for them. They’re not around. Soon, she begins to make small talk. Eventually, she reveals that she’s substituting for the person who usually runs the table. She’s there because she’s dating one of the band members. Actually, she’s a physics grad student. She tells us about her thesis, which is on the topic of how to stop time.

She gets wrapped up in the subject. She begins to explain physics by describing a concept, then proving it through music, using the instruments the band members have yet to play tonight. She says more about herself, and quotidian worries that we can all relate to. Soon, she’s drawing a line between the very smallest subatomic particles to the biggest concerns of the universe and of the self. You begin to realize that the band is not going to show up, and you hope they never do.

Devon More’s performance is completely engrossing. She’s a storyteller, a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a Stephen Hawking robotic voice impersonator, a very good explainer of physics, and a helluva playwright.

Flute Loops is playing in Venue 8: Prowse Chowne Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre. (Note: the venue has working air conditioning and cushy new seats!)


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