Fringe 2018: Gordon’s Big Bald Head

GordonsPoster_PRINTGordon’s Big Bald Head does a fracking great job of improvising a show from the title and description of a completely unrelated Fringe play.

After the official part of Fringe 2018 closed, Gordon’s show was held over by the Varscona Theatre for two performances, one last night (Wednesday) and one tonight (Thursday).

No one knows what Thursday’s show will be like because the contents won’t be determined until they get some input from the audience. There are a couple of rules, though. They won’t do a show that lacks a proper description, and they won’t do another improv show because, they said, an improv show doing another improv show would disrupt the time-space continuum: “That’s how we lost Mark Meer!” (Actually, Meer is off to another engagement.)

On Wednesday night, Jacob Banigan and Ron Pederson put on a hilarious production of Wellspring. Their version was about a small town beset by secrets, musical theatre, and an out-of-touch oil company whose motto might as well be, “We’re fracking humanity from behind.” The word “fracking” is a true gift to improvisers.

There’s one last chance to catch Gordon’s Big Bald Head this year. Take the improvisers’ lead: think of it as a gift and run with it.

Tickets for the remaining Gordon’s Big Bald Head show and all the other Fringe holdovers at the Varscona Theatre are available here:

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