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Fringe 2019: Where the Wild Things Fringed

The 2019 Fringe Festival ended before I could post about all the shows I saw!

Although the last shows I saw were sold out for most or all of their runs, none were being held over, surprisingly. They were just lightning in a bottle: blink and you’ll have missed a show that will go down in Fringe annals as one of the great ones. The shows I wanted to make note of are:

Over at 12th Night, Liz Nicholls reported that the Fringe reported record ticket sales for indoor shows. This is great. There were many years where it seemed like the outdoor happenings would overshadow what began as a theatre festival. I was on site for an hour or two for seven of the ten days of the festival, and it looked like street performers were pulling in good crowds, while the beer and wine tents seemed to be doing steady business. Of course, mine was a very small, observational sample, so it would be interesting to know the breakdown of ticket sales and whether performers and vendors felt they did well at the festival.

Personally, I saw a lot of great shows, hung out with friends, and ate well, all without much stress. That’s all I ask from a Fringe!

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