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A Day at the Art Gallery of Alberta

October is almost over, so I’m sharing some photos I took at the Art Gallery of Alberta on October 16. I was there to see Ballet Edmonton perform, but I stayed to enjoy several exhibits. First good thing: the weather was glorious.

“Soak, Stripe, Splatter: Collecting Colour at the AGA” includes some of my favourite pieces in their collection by artists such as Arlene Stamp, Kenneth Noland, and Jack Bush. Here I am obscuring Claude Tousignant’s “Gong 80”.

Beautiful pieces by Alex Janvier, Mary Scott, Gloria Mok, and Geoffrey Hunter. (My friend Deb Bachman for scale.)

My friend Harley Morman’s show, “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” is a ton of fun! It featured toys and artifacts that would make people of a certain age feel nostalgic for their childhood. There were a couple of mobiles with large mirrors, reinforcing a theme of reflection. 

Harley used lenticular images to trace shifting perspectives that reflect changes in age, and, in Harley’s case, gender.

The “ROYGBIV” exhibit featured colour studies through art installations. “Hyperlings” by the artist Shoplifter (real name Hrafnildur Arardóttir) features colourful, fuzzy stalactites in a room meant to elicit comfort and joy. It succeeded!