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What if…?


Great stories inspire lasting questions. For artist Cindy Gauthier, watching The Night of the Living Dead as a child left her wondering, “What if there’s something coming back from the graveyard down the road?” Now, Cindy is creating horror comics. She’s wrapping up a term as the artist-in-residence at Happy Harbor Comics. I got to interview her about her inspirations and about her work for Sequential Tart:



Wayward Sisters

waywardsisters-coverKickstarter anthologies have become an important–and fun–way for female cartoonists to get their work out in the world.

This spring, Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women will haunt bookstores with 224 pages of beautiful and fascinating comics about female monsters, by female writers and artists.

Anthology editor Allison O’Toole and contributors Emmanuelle Chateauneuf, Janice Liu, and Cassandra Khaw kindly took time out to answer my¬†questions about the anthology and their contributions to it for¬†Sequential Tart.